Damage from fights having more importance

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Damage from fights having more importance

Postby Citrine » Wed May 25, 2011 8:03 pm

I was talking with Stagnak about various things and one thing that came up was applying the damage from a fight to the flower's current health. This would mean you probably couldn't run through 5 or 10 fights in rapid succession without some kind of healing (or very good defense/protection).

Current health would regen while idle and you could also use items for a quick heal.

Was also thinking that after a fight you'd get an initial boost of healing .. maybe something like 10% of max. So if you have 200 HP and take 100 damage in a fight, with a 10% boost, you'd have 120 HP after the fight (100 + 10% of 200). This % can be increased by items &/or sprouts.

Doing something like this will change the dynamic of the game (and involve some back end changes), but I do like the concept. I think it'll allow for more strategy and give a better sense of continuity. More campaign-like rather then a series of unconnected fights. Plus it opens up more opportunity for new items.

So .. what do you think?
Think it'll enhance gameplay or just bog things down?
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Re: Damage from fights having more importance

Postby dorje » Thu May 26, 2011 6:51 am

I think there is merit to this idea, but it will definitely slow the progress of a player down.

Most players, I assume, do not like losing, and so will wait until their flower heals back to 100% before fighting. The reason I say this, is because we have no control over who we fight. The game decides which bot we do battle against, or a player if the stratum amount is close enough. Often we put up against very hard bots, back-to-back-to-back. If our health is less than 100%, we will lose more often than not...

If there are items that will restore health quickly available in the Garden Shop, that would be great. More stuff for the players to buy and use...

I say give it a try :)
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