Build 2074: Maintenance Release

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Build 2074: Maintenance Release

Postby Citrine » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:55 pm

Build 2074: Maintenance Release

Added: Reply link to messages
Added: Message when someone spies you
Added: Help Page

Changed: Encounter description now shows when player fights encounter (win or lose)
Changed: adjusted the new quest message to include the name of the quest.

Fixed: Typo in compose message
Fixed: Using a copied fight link to fight a flower out of range
Fixed: Single quotes in flower name breaks display
Fixed: Consecutive Days Played not being reset when resetting flower
Fixed: Reset Flower wasn't resetting quests
Fixed: Quest messages getting truncated ... increased field length.
Fixed: Build opponent missing chance for no sprouts
Fixed: Typo in Invasion quest
Fixed: Plant Food not being added to shed from quests.
Fixed: Only 1 item being added to shed from quests when more than one should be.
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